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NJ @ NYR GDT 9/24/18

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Didn't get to see the game tonight as my dog suddenly died tonight. Glad I didn't watch it.

Hall-Hischier-Palmieri looked unstoppable, AND that's with them looking a bit rusty throughout the game, at times making errors they would never make during regular season. I mean, we lost in OT after

do you really think we would have thrown that kind of money to Wood if we thought Hall could make the team though? 

46 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

FWIW both times I saw him having issues it looked like it was near the zamboni door. I wouldn't be surprised if the sh!tty MSG ice isn't making it easier in that corner.

nah he blows.

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  • Hall-Hischier-Palmieri looked unstoppable, AND that's with them looking a bit rusty throughout the game, at times making errors they would never make during regular season. I mean, we lost in OT after some poor decision-making by Palmieri and him being too gassed to defend, but he and that line was the only reason we were even in the game, so it is what it is. They're still getting in shape, so can't fault Palmieri for looking tired at the end there.
  • Man, have I loved what I'm seeing from Ty Smith. He's such a poised, cool, calm, collected, mature, smart presence on the puck. I was purposely waiting for him to make a rookie mistake, and it never happens, he rarely puts a foot wrong. He looked more solid than Mueller or Greene throughout tonight's game. I'm curious to see if that's Hynes giving him favorable zone starts or what, but he looked awesome.
  • Eric Gryba gave into that meathead Cody McLeod's idiotic timing for a fight, while our kids were flying up the ice on a 3-on-2 with all the momentum in our skates. Stupid.
  • I can't think about what our defense would look like without Sami Vatanen; in retrospect, that trade keeps looking better and better in my opinion, he's a fantastic relentless player. That stretch pass to Hall in OT was hockey at its best.
  • Marcus Johansson's been away from the speed of the game for a long time, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he'll need a bit longer to warm into the season.
  • Jesper Bratt quietly had a strong game. He showed great speed, even muscle at times, and played with a lot of confidence and poise flying around the Rangers' zone, pulling defenders away and creating space (and making the pass). He did a lot of little things right and I was glad to see that.
  • Brian Boyle has been a non-factor so far and looks a step behind every play unfortunately. I don't see him as much more than a 4th line option, and I'm not even sure he should play against other fast teams (maybe only these more intense rivalry games and some of the bigger Western teams). That seems harsh as preseason criticism, but it's a dip in performance that started last season unfortunately. Pulling for the guy and hope he can prove me wrong.
  • Brett Seney had a good first period but then got quiet. All in all, he's had a good preseason, and I can see him making the team next year after a full season in Binghamton, he has a lot of tools and I'm looking forward to watching him develop just a bit more to turn into a solid bottom-6 guy who's hard to play against.
  • It looks like another downgrade in Andy Greene's play unfortunately. He looked entirely out of his element in the OT, he made an unforced giveaway at a pivotal moment in that was inexplicable really. Love the guy, but need to expect better from our captain. I can deal with his speed and stamina going down, but his hockey IQ and executing when he's got the puck, that needs to be better.
  • What can I say about Michael McLeod? I'm disappointed. You want to see his speed and skill show up and dominate other teams, but his presence on the ice is all a bit disjointed and doesn't seem to yield much. I think Brett Seney has passed him on my personal depth chart. I don't know what it is McLeod needs to do this season to pull it all together, but he I hope he does it. He has the exact skill set our team is made for, but then he goes out there and doesn't generate much.
  • Eddie Lack had a decent game, the scoreline looks worse than it is, from a goaltending perspective. He made really important saves in the 1st and 2nd, or this game would likely be over much sooner. Our defense wasn't great, we let him face almost 40 shots.
  • Although a bit more quiet today, John Quenneville and Nick Lappin both looked good. Quenneville's got that extra bit of speed and skill this offseason. I think the case for them to make the team is still there, curious to see if Hynes rolls them out in Winnipeg. It should be said I think Quenneville was being pulled down by his linemates (more Boyle than Noesen, but still, just not a compatible line).
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1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

Didn't get to see the game tonight as my dog suddenly died tonight.

Glad I didn't watch it.

Oh man sorry to hear that.

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Thanks everyone.  My wife and I really appreciate it.  We don't want kids so this dog was basically our child.

While she is almost 15, she was a spunky, happy-go-lucky dog up until 2 weeks ago when we took her to her vet for her yearly dental.  She had 8 teeth that were pulled (most up till that point was 4) and afterwards she was acting a little differently.  Took her to the vet on Saturday who examined her and said everything appears to be fine and it is behavioral.  Yesterday, she is on a walk with my wife and she just lays down and dies right there.

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