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2019 NHL Draft Thread

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Happy Jack Hughes day ladies and gentleman 

Me before the draft : "It'd be bad if Shero ends up making 10 picks" Shero: "here's Subban and I'm gonna make 11 picks, dummy."

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Our boy just a few mins ago on NHL Net:


NHL network Anchor: "Tell us something we don't know about Jack Hughes."

Turcotte: "Well, he's just a normal kid, he's goofy and likes to have fun,"

10 minutes later....

NHL network Anchor: "Tell us something we don't know about Alex Turcotte."

Hughes: "Well, he failed his first driver's test."

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55 minutes ago, MB3 said:

Would you (not SD but everyone else) trade #34 and butcher for PK Subban? 

As someone who watches a lot of the Preds (my sister-in-law lives in Nashville and their family are all fans), I would not want.  I find him to be the third best defenseman on the team behind Ekholm and Josi and he was just soooo slow this past year.   That's literally the opposite of the way the league is going.   

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3 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

sounds like Alex Nylander could be traded today

That Missasauga team with him, McLeod and Tippett has been a bit underwhelming so far since all being drafted pretty high.   

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Having Marty back in a role with the team just seems so right. I like hearing him say "we". 

13 minutes ago, jagknife said:

Bettmab just trolled the crowd. Said there was a trade, then said just kidding 

Did he really?  That's savage lol.

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