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GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM


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1 minute ago, titans04 said:

You're a trooper, say that every year.  Good on you, seriously.

I just try to think big picture, a bad day at the arena is still not that bad of a day. Doesn't mean I don't get pissed off or frustrated but I didn't expect this team to be good this year so I also had 0 expectations considering we barely got in last year and added absolutely nothing in the off season.

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1 minute ago, jagknife said:

Buffalo is in the Dollar General Bowl a few years after I moved out of Pensacola. Mobile was literally a 30 minute or so drive! So disappointed I can’t go

Canes in the Pinstripe so i’ll probably pay to go see them not complete more than 6 forward passes.  At least the defense is worth watching 

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As I said in the thread against the Jets.................

This is the product you get when you do NOTHING to improve on fringe 8th place team from the season before.

This is what happens when you rely on young players who aren't NHL players and don't go out and acquire needed vets, all the while having ample cap space.

I am not upset because I expected this.

Now there doesn't seem to be an end in sight as this team is as flat as a pancake on a nightly basis.

I wish I can paint a rosier picture, but I can't.

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