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GDT: Hurricanes @ Devils 12/29/18, 1:00 pm


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Love the early games. Got to watch this with my son (he is still only 20 months , but he likes to clap and point) . 

Zacha could have not scored today and I still would have been impressed. He is working very hard in all situations and not making stupid plays. 

He was also making his PP unit tick as well. 

Also I really, really don't want to get too excited about BigMac , but he looks so assured out there. Also he seems like a nice guy. Level headed and aware of what he has to do going forward.

Also that slapper from Greene at the end was Rolstonesque, love it. 


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  • PROS
    • Zacha once again was a beast.
      • For all the criticism he gets, he's probably equally as impactful defensively as Barzal is offensively.
    • Andy Greene has really been good all year, and today was no exception.
      • I haven't seen a player get more undeserved hate than Greene has this year.
      • Even Lovejoy's hate wasn't nearly as unwarranted as Greene's hate this year.
    • Blackwood
      • The GI call was correct.
      • Williams had no business being in the crease, and the contact he made was enough contact to get that goal waved off.
  • CONS
    • Nothing major except for the two times Aho got free.
    • Also a couple of the penalties were unnecessary.


  • Obviously they were excellent today.


  • CF: 41 to 47
  • FF: 32 to 36
  • SF: 19 to 30
  • SCF: 15 to 14
  • HDCF: 7 to 8


  • CF: 40.47 to 47.32
  • FF: 31.4 to 36.33
  • SF: 18.69 to 30.32
  • SCF: 14.48 to 14.41
  • HDCF: 6.66 to 8.28
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4 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

Love what we are seeing out of Blackwood. The Devils needed a big solid goalie who is technically sound. Trusting that your goalie can make a save helps everyone and they just didn't have that with KK and Cory. Hopefully Mac can keep this up for a bit. 

Confidence in the goaltender goes a long way.

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12 minutes ago, Mike Brown said:

I haven't seen a player get more undeserved hate than Greene has this year.

I feel like Zacha gets a ton of undeserved hate. Last game, he was arguably the best player and there were a lot of negative comments. Greene is an easy scapegoat due to being an underperforming captain, but he has also had his fair share of bad plays, in my opinion.

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Damn...what else is there to say when you get a goal (and an ASSIST?!) from Zacha, a goal from Greene, and a kid goalie who actually seems to have a little something going on?  Some embrace the tank, but I'd like to see some fight to try to hang around for a while.  


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