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GDT: Devils @ Stars 1/2/19, 8:30 pm

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My magic socks will be on, even though they will not be in attendance this time. We'll see how far the magic extends.  I told my wife that the next time she buys me magic socks, she should buy tw

Nice tip Palms!

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Just now, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Thank you Mac...somehow the Devils are actually in this mess...

I was just thinking this. That's the difference when you have good goaltending. You always have a chance. 

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6 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I’m going to need Wood to punch Benn’s face, that will at least be entertaining. 

The best part is you are saying it as a joke, but it’s totally going to happen after the game. 

That and he'll blame the coaching (though gotta wonder why this team gets so easily bottled up by one too many teams)...

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The sooner Q is not in this team's plans...guy is nothing more than a warm body...

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Again, on behalf of Devils fans everywhere, so sorry Mac...sometimes most of the team just can't be bothered...

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I’m sure like the rest of you I was never blinded by their 3 prior wins.  This team is truly fvcking bad.  They can’t beat teams like Nashville or Tampa, they have no where near the talent those teams have and are a long fvcking way from being any where near that level, they’ve been really pathetic for a really long time and $hit won’t change unless they find some fvcking defensemen and 2 more skillful forwards, 1 more is not gonna cut it.  Look at the fvcking way they just tried clearing that fvcking puck, they’re a fvcking pee-wee team, absolute pieces of $hit, same $hit with this fvcking pathetic excuse of a franchise, god damn fvcking embarrassment, year in fvcking year out.  Embarrassment to the nhl.

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1 minute ago, Neb00rs said:

Severson what the fvck? That's Tyler fvcking Seguin. Get him the fvck away from the front of the net.

With Vatanen and Severson both being so inconsistent lately I don’t think we have one single top pairing defenseman right now. What a mess. 

The whole we don’t miss Hall joke is officially over btw. 

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