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GDT: Devils @ Red Wings 7:30 PM


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46 minutes ago, Toasterleavins said:

Make everyone play with opposite handed sticks

When I was a kid, I was on a team that did this for the third period. 

We were up 8-0, totally dominating the game, and at 10-0 they automatically call the game over. So, instead of ending the game early, we all used the opposite hand sticks. 

I was a right handed shot as a skater but a left handed shooting goalie, so I did better than most. 

We won 9-0 and I assisted on the wrong-handed goal.

Same team also once pulled the goalie for an extra skater in the middle of the 2nd period so he could go pee. 

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2 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

Most Det fans are NJ fans tonight and most NJ fans are DET fans tonight. FANSWAP lol.

I wonder how many of their fans are in "Why in fvck are we winning five out of six NOW?!" mode.  Gotta think more than a few.

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3 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

did Dano said "the devils will need more of that last year"

talking about good goaltending? lol

I really hope they consider replacing him soon. If by year 4 you haven't gotten any better it's time to find another job for you on the team. I still think Sal would be the much better guy for the job.

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4 hours ago, Kinkyisth3b3st said:

Please do not win.

This is *literally* not true lol.

According to ESPN, there is a two percent difference in the chance for top pick between us and Detroit at the current standings, so statistically nothing like I said. People get all hung up on finishing last, but there is no real benefit to that VS third or fourth last. 

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