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GDT: NHL Draft Lottery Thread DEVILS. #. ONE. OVER. ALL!


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I had really resigned myself of not getting the #1 and hoping for Kakko at best, but at this very moment I want Hughes all the way. Build down the middle. Nico, Hughes, Zacha, Zajac sounds good to me. I can live with Zacha at 3C. 

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4 minutes ago, 2ELIAS6 said:

on top of which, supposedly he is friend with or knows hall.. nothing but good things. We should feel absolutely nothing but ecstatic right now! this is so huge

Yea...l guess I was just being pessimistic (which seems like a knee jerk reaction after this season lol). If he and Hall are tight that's huge! Now sign Eberle and Duschene in the offseason and give Hall even more friends!!

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2 minutes ago, Neb00rs said:

Has this been posted?


Apparently his funny bone is intact. Makes sense, because that would be an upper body injury and he had lower. 

Just now, mikepeluso8 said:

fvck yeah

even I can hang out around here tonight without getting killed!




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8 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

There’s risk with any pick. Kid is the consensus #1 for a reason though. Take him and don’t think twice. 

I like his pedigree:

Hughes comes from a family of ice hockey athletes. His older brother, Quinn, was drafted 7th overall in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft by the Vancouver Canucks. His younger brother Luke plays minor hockey for Little Caesars 15U AAA[1] and will play on the U.S. National Development U17 Team during the 2019–20 season.[14] Their father, Jim Hughes, is a former hockey player and team captain for Providence College, an assistant coach for the Boston Bruins, and the director of player development for the Toronto Maple Leafs.[15][16] His mother, Ellen, played ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer at the University of New Hampshire and, in 2012, was inducted into the University of New Hampshire Athletics Hall of Fame.[16] She also played for the United States women's national ice hockey team, and won a silver medal at the 1992 World Championship.

28 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Johnny Hockey says no. 


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i am going to fly under the radar here tonight without any xbox monger trying to tell me I never won a fantasy hockey league before while picking his nose on his parents' couch living in their basement...

this is gonna rule kids!

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