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2019 Offseason Thread


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Just now, SterioDesign said:

Simmonds is amazing in front of the net. Definitely a player you hate to play against but love on your own team

Did you watch him with the Flyers last year?  He looked DONE.  And he did exactly fvck-all with the Preds.

This, to me, is just a way for us to hit the cap floor without being blatant about it and signing two plugs to overpriced contracts.

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Just now, Anhkheg said:

Ouch, 1 year @ 3 million should've been good enough.

It might've, but we have money, and it's 1 year, so it's pretty insignificant.  

1 minute ago, MB3 said:

That’ll be it for us. We’re now over the floor by a few pennies. 

Bye Taylor.

Take it easy.  We have plenty of room to throw at him, and this isn't a reason to suggest that we won't.

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