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2019 Development Camp thread


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Just now, Devil Dan 56 said:

Jeez. Kids today. When I was 18, I enjoyed making romesco garlic shrimp with grilled vegetables in a balsamic glaze. 

I'm sorry. I meant "microwaved pizza rolls." Stupid autocorrect. 

Life skills, my man, I learned to cook by age 11. 

Kids probably don’t go camping anymore because there’s Xbox in the wilderness. 

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19 minutes ago, MB3 said:

They really overestimated our ability to just pronounce Popuguyv

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say this play by play guy just asked the players how to to pronounce their names and he probably had a lot of conversations like the following:

Announcer guy: "So Nikita, how do you pronounce your name?" 

Popugayev: "Po-poo-gdjdndjskdkdkdkd." 

Announcer guy: "Could you repeat that one more time?" 

Popugayev: Like I say, "Po-pjdmdkskskdkd." 

Announcer guy: "Okay, just a bit slower."

Popugayev: *unintelligible noises*

Announcer guy: "Okay, we'll go with that." 

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