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Devils re-sign Mueller, 1yr/$1.4m


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12 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Also cheap enough where it doesn’t matter if he’s the guy who winds up not playing. 

Yep that too.  

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its a good depth move really. Cause what are the odds of Vats playing the whole season. Then we have greene and butcher on the left side... we'd never bench greene but butcher its not impossible.

Well thats assuming we're sticking with Smith on the right side even if there's a spot. or maybe they put him on the left side and have carrick on the right if there's a hole... i guess it depends if the staff wants carrick or mueller out there... i feel those 2 will be waiting for their opportunity most of the season

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11 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Maybe he'll manage some consistency this year.

Had some brief stints where he looked pretty solid, but unfortunately spent more time looking like complete ass out there.

Doesn’t use his size enough. People complained about the same thing with Boyle to no end, but honestly considering their positions, and types of players they are, I think Mueller is an even worse offender. 

I’m not a fan (as made clear by my downvotes in the survivor game lol). 

It’s only one year though. 

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44 minutes ago, Jas0nMacIsaac said:

While it doesn't matter in the long run since it is only one year, this is probably half a million overpriced for a one year contract.

Not like Mirco had a lot of leverage, but at the same time it was hard to imagine that he'd get re-signed for less than what he made last year ($925k).  He's coming off his "best" year (most GP, most points, etc).  If we're quibbling, I'd say he's overpriced by $200k or so, but I'm not surprised he got what amounts to a decent raise, given the numbers.  And like you mentioned, not like this will affect anything at all in the long run. 


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