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GDT (Preseason): Devils vs. Bruins and @ Habs - 7PM

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Jackita Hughesev

Subban just twirled back into the defensive zone and the crowd went wild as if he just scored.  Hes gonna be loved here man.

Over in Montreal, McLeod had a beautiful zone entry and fed Butcher for a top-cheese snipe over Price.

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27 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Someone already posted a video of it being done in 2006...

Ahh I saw Ole being used in 2007-2008 and figured R&R didn't make a return until after that. sh!t.

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5 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

That's definitely untrue. We were definitely doing it at the CAA, no question. 



Did we have any other building before the Rock I’m forgetting about ? 😉

But yeah, it was going on at CAA, but towards the ass end of our residency there.

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8 minutes ago, jagknife said:

Did we have any other building before the Rock I’m forgetting about ? 😉

Nope. Different name, yes, but the same building. 

I remember feeling annoyed when they announced the move to Newark. But now I think it’s WAY more convenient for me to get to and I’m very happy we are where we are. 

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McLeod does everything and fights for his rights in such tightly staffed team, but with all new toys everybody talk about heysucking tradition on arena. (I’m not against that, just some attention for highlander)

Cmon, guys, Simmonds isn’t here forever, Hall or Gusev - most likely one will go out in this year or two. We have big group of small forwards, I think our speedy guy with  deserve another chance. He was only one man who shows something in preseason and prospect game that we didn’t expect. 

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