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GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 PM


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26 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

Both LA and the Blues got better after their fired their coaches.

Tampa lost because they were/looked unprepared.  At least some of that falls on the coaches shoulders there.

Yeah im not on the fire hynes bandwagon just yet cause he was always dealt pretty sh!tty cards, but this year there's no excuse, he has a better roster than we had when we made the playoffs.

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2 hours ago, Crisis said:
2 hours ago, mikepeluso8 said:
I knew this day would come...I knew it...all in due time...like Jesus and the Apostles--took time to spread the word...

Is that a band?

it is not. 

But i will still share this as this board need all the positivity it can get at this moment.

That guitar solo tho.


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