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GDT: Oilers @ Devils 7:00PM

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Okay, I'm slowly seeing how he arrived at these lines. He started with, "I want to go back to Hall-Hischier-Palms," and "Bratt and Gusev can't be with Hughes but also can't be played in many situations" and, "Zacha is in but I don't want to play Rooney on Hughes' wing." It sounds like overthinking but put that together and your only options is the lines above. But just keep Coleman with Hughes, switch Coleman and Simmonds if you have to. It just feels like we're getting farther away from the ideal lineup than closer to it.

In any case, no change in lines is going to magically change our problems.

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Official Hynes Lynes for tonight:   Wood-Rooney-Hayden Hall-Nico-Palmieri Coleman-Hughes-Rooney Rooney-Rooney-Hayden Greene-Subban Severson-Lovejoy Greene-Roone

I've always maintained that last season was an evaluation kind of year.  And the dual doomsday scenario that we all feared (Cory either not coming back or playing poorly, and Hall getting injured) did

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