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GDT: Devils at Boston 7:00 PM

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21 hours ago, titans04 said:

I'm bored and it's raining here so here's some meaningless information. Kowalsky is a Lou guy brought into the org in 07-08 in Trenton and moved up to Albany in 10-11.  He turned around a door mat bottom feeder AHL team that hadn't made the playoffs in I believe 10 seasons and made it 3 of the last 5 seasons he was there, even being selected coach of the year (which he was in ECHL as well).

While I wouldn't say we are close friends we are acquaintances from his time with Trenton starting as a player first. He was even in the running for the HC job in newark the last time around but Shero went with his guy.  

All that said whatever he's in charge of now isn't working. I believe he still runs the PP which is broken just like everything else.

So it's hard to justify him staying if Hynes goes, unless Shero feels he wants to leave a guy behind that's been there throughout similar to Ruff staying when the Rags let go AV.

Well that was pretty insightful. Thanks for that.

since he’s turned around good rosters before, a guy I wouldn’t mind seeing us go for, regardless of his family having a bad rep with us, Darryl Sutter. He’s in an office position with the Ducks, might be worth a call

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On that second Bruins goal, from faceoff till when the Bruins scored Wood moved maybe 6 inches from where he started. But he brings that "level of compete!"  

Ray Shero in two weeks outside Hobby's, probably:

Now they don’t even come back from commercial in time lol

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