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PG13 and NJDevs.com is not twitter/facebook.

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I knew I should have locked this thread after I posted it. I think Aylbert  said it best, I am just reminding people of the line that shouldn't be crossed. We aren't the wild wild west like twitter or facebook groups, one of the reasons we moved from the old school NJ.com forums was because the lunatics ran the asylum.

For the beat writers, you can say they suck/excel at their jobs that is fine, but comments about physical appearance are probably a bridge to far.

I have always asked for PG13 here, you can see threads from the beginning about that, especially since posters here used to get in trouble for browsing at work and bad stuff popped up in the work filters.

Cursing is fine, I do it myself during bad games, but again, keep it civil once the heat of the moment passes.




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