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GDT - Devils vs Flyers 11/1/19 7:00 MSG+ 2

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per capfriendly, 9M over this year and next, a one-way deal so he'd get the big money even if he was sent down plus a MNTC (8 team no trade)  next season. Wow, Good for him.

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I will be there with my dad tonight.  First time I have gone to a game with him in about 4-5 years.

Friday night was a blast for me personally.  While the end-result sucked, I had a great time with my dad. Before the game we stopped at a pizzeria in Vauxhall where we used to stop all the time w

He should worry about the game more than the fans. Mental midget. 

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Right then, let's hope the broken sticks, pucks jumping over sticks and generally crappy puck luck are done and the team can put in a solid performance. I also hope that Blackwood can show that one of our goalies can make a difference.


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So you think it’s likely one of the Devils scores a hat trick? And another scores a pair? 
No, this is just stupid anyway you want to look at it. Boqvist is one thing, but Gusev can clearly do more to help the team win than random 4th line scrubs like Hayden and Rooney. 

I don't know what you're inferring with the first half of your comment. But I do think there is a something to be said about having lines that specialize in different mentalities. Deploying a line of defensive minded forwards in particular situations isn't stupid.
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