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GDT: Devils vs Hurricanes 7 PM

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Wow this is a horrible take. People want Greene to hold himself and his teammates accountable, not run his mouth about the fans.  Not even remotely comparable. 

Just fvcking win. They aren't the 77 Habs but they shouldn't be this bad. The talent just doesn't align with the record. Get a lead and HOLD IT. Stop gagging it up. And how about a departure from our

I got nothing...

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6 hours ago, Gunslinger27 said:

Going into game 12, and were 2-5-4 8 pts. nearly at the bottom of the league, with a couple of games in hand. Have we seen any progress in these players and the system Hynes is trying to establish or is this just not the right system being implemented ? 2018-19 at this point we were 5-5-1. Shero seriously needs to rethink, is this FAS system going to work. Obviously with these pieces in place I would say no. Going into the 5th Season under Hynes we are 143-151-45. 2019-20 GF 4th worst GA 9th worst.  I know their is a lot of factors to consider, but I think Shero needs to fix this situation. This team needs to established some kind of identity, whether it be defensive or Offense,  What I've noticed with our FAS system, every team we play against adjusts and counters quickly, leading to constant odd man rushes. Its mid numbing. I'll stay away from  the bad goal tending, and players constantly out of position......... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Sorry guys I've been a fan since the beginning, but I feel like I'm  watching the 1980's Devils all over again . OK Rant Over....



Yep, they oughta put Chico back in goal.... give us a fighting chance.  And where is Mel Bridgman when you need him?

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27 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:

Rooney is literally just a warm body on the rink.  Guy has no finish whatsoever.  

Not sure about the ‘warm’ part but I’m with you on the rest.

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