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GDT: Devils @ Jets 11/5/19 8:00 PM MSG


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Hope Gusev can at least be bad enough now that playing him can be justified.  Because Tri and Neb00rs have been dead on.  Sadly Gusev looks like a guy who’s trying to take a Calc I final, but never even took Pre Calc and barely passed Algebra.  Being bad enough to get back into the lineup would be a major step forward for him.  

Not giving up on him though...just hope Elias is a really good, er, math tutor.  

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19 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I will be missing this game while a doctor shoves a laser gun up my peehole.

Let’s play well enough that our entire fan base doesn’t feel like they had the same done. 



ok google how do i delete someone elses post

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