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GDT: Devils @ Jets 11/5/19 8:00 PM MSG


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9 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Yes because I'll go place a bet on the game and be set for life lol

One day a wild eyed scientist or a kid might show up asking about it, and if that happens...



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Funny enough, Hynes' strategy has resulted in this team having outcomes that run completely contradictory to what we all expected of them going into the season based on their skilled makeup.

The Devils have been the worst in the league at generating 5v5 offense from day 1 of the season. They have the least 5v5 shot attempts/60 in the entire league (46.25). But they've made up for it with a >10% 5v5 team shooting percentage - that's part of why they're not even worse off record-wise - and there's a mix of factors for it. The shooting % has resulted in a goals for/60 of 2.83 which is good for tenth in the league.

The Devils have however some of the best numbers in the league when it comes to 5v5 shot attempts against/60 (51.37). Where they rank among the best teams in the league (4th).

In other words, despite some high scores of late, this isn't some gunslinging Devils team that unleashes their offense full throttle and que sera sera on defense.  I would suggest that because of the team's youth and inexperience they are playing as protective a game as they can.

But...now we have to talk about goaltending. The Devils are the worst. Period. The team's 5v5 save percentage is .872, good for dead last in the league. For comparison, last year's San Jose Sharks team, which was held back by a very mediocre Martin Jones starting 62 games, had a 5v5 team save percentage of .897. This of course means, we should expect to see some improvement for the Devils over the next 70 games.

We can adjust for shot quality as well. Charting Hockey has updated tables covering goals saved above expected, which factors in shot quality.


The above is a table showing goals saved above expected/60 - doing per 60 allows us to factor in goalies who have played only a few games (min. TOI 180 mins) and goalies who have been pulled a few times in-game.

As you can see neither of our goalies are above zero, meaning both Blackwood and Schneider have saved less goals than is expected they should have based on shot quality. Cory Schneider, over five games, is allowing two more goals/60 minutes than we'd expect based on the shots he's faced.

With the above, if you don't think the Devils traded for Domingue with the thought that he might actually have to play some NHL games, you're crazy.



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