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GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7PM

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8 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

Because the powers that be over in the Devils front office have a warped and over-simplified view of Devils fans.  While sometimes they are right, often times they are wrong.  One thing they are often wrong with is that they think that the fanbase as a whole, since we are an NJ team, loves anything and everything NJ no matter what.  Howl is a song from an NJ-based band so they automatically think Devils fans automatically love it.

They had zero intention of switching the goal song.  It was 100% to collect emails and phone numbers to sell tickets.  Everyone I know who voted said they got blitzed by Devils ticket sellers 1-2 weeks later after voting.

At one point this season I received 5 copies of each email, I assume from all the different things I have signed up for. 

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Another man of fine culture 👌. Welcome friend. Come suffer with us. 

17 hours ago, devils26 said:

Why wouldn't the Devils organization actually honor the vote in addition to collecting more names and phone numbers? Why are they so partial to 'Howl'?

@DevsMan84 summed it up pretty well. I'm happy it turned out this way though because while Howl isn't the best goal song(there's no real rhythm to clap along to for it and barely anybody actually sings along) it's certainly better than hearing hip hop hooray several times a night(another group from NJ that the front office automatically thinks everyone likes) They have been using hip hop horray as the song to play after wins and I think it's works much better that way. 

Why were you reading old threads? Quarantine driving ya to boredom? Lol


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