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GDT: Wild @ Devils 11/26 7PM

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Just now, Nicomo said:

They’re ruining the game with this sh!t. 

Just like with the crease rule and it took a national embarrassment to get rid of it. Absolute joke. 

Slows the game down. Kills flow

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Yea, he looks just like Miles fvcking Wood. When the team is bad some of you guys go off the deep end and say the dumbest sh!t. 

Got a win with my first GDT of the season so I’m starting the next one now so I don’t forget. Playing another bad team in the Wild, so hopefully we can put a couple wins together and maybe get somethi

Someone needs to tell Hall in advance that the crowd is booing Parise and not him. 

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21 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

What was the explanation on that review? Couldn't hear it at all here. 

Nice tip by Hughes. 

nothing happened to cause a stoppage before the goal. I think if it would of happened in the O-zone (which is the requirement) they may have been screwed.

Hughes didn't touch it apparently hit the Wild's stick

*** Actually as Sal just pointed out it was a missed call, play should of been stopped with  Simmonds playing the puck with a high stick. That can't be challenged unless it happens in the Ozone. So we indeed caught a break.

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PK goddamn when did you become so friggin’ CLUMSY...Jesus H...

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2 minutes ago, titans04 said:

Always in the running for the green jacket 

Still has a shot to reach -100 before his 400th NHL game.  Well done pal.  

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