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GDT: Devils vs Rangers, 30 Nov, Whatever time

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To those like me who actually schlepped to the Rock to see that absolute abortion of a hockey game...suffice it to say that I'm every bit as pissed, frustrated, annoyed, you name it, as all of you.

Actually, soon he'll have to explain what the fvck Hynes is still doing here. 

I hope Hynes and Hall are gone by Monday.

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9 minutes ago, '7' said:

They had chances. A post and a crossbar too. Not happy being down but believe me they've played worse. Still need to raise the energy level. Rags are not that good

They are good enough to be above us in the standings and to make us look stupid after almost every brain fart we have.

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21 minutes ago, '7' said:

I too had no idea he'd fallen this far

I'd move on from him asap

They can’t.  Stuck with him at that cap hit.  No points in 12 straight.  Bleech.

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As much as I like Zajac and he's usually smart with the puck, he's just so damn slow - anytime I see him pick up a loose puck outside of the offensive zone with time and space, I can almost immediately tell it's going nowhere.  He has little offensive rush to his game.  

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1 minute ago, Devs3cups said:

If we lose like that against our biggest rival in our building, that has to be the last straw... right? 

You just know it's coming

Hynes has to go, it’s simply not working across the board. There’s not one thing going for him that he can point to and say this team is trending positively.

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Rags with a too many men penalty, but it doesn't even matter.  They score 3 minutes into the third, and again with a minute and a half left in the game on an empty netter.  Devils lose3-0.  I've seen this movie before.

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