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GDT: Devils @ Avalanche 9pm EST


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I'm pretty happy with that effort all things considered. They came out and dominated the first and then got crushed in the second which had me thinking, "Oh here we go, another well played first period followed by and poor second and third." And some of the third was indeed sloppy - especially the PP time which was a big reason the Devils couldn't get back into the game to do anything in time. But ultimately the Devils won that third period at 5v5 pretty handily and came real close to tying it. Or rather, they created chances in which they could have potentially tied it, which is the important thing because that means that in some cases you're going to tie it - even when the opposing goalie is playing as well as Francouz.

In the end, despite the fact that the Devils didn't play perfectly, you wonder: if Blackwood played the whole game would the Devils have maybe won? Despite being prematurely thrust into a full-time starter's role, Blackwood is beginning to look really sharp out there on a more consistent basis. He was really on his game tonight on short notice, especially when he first came into the game. He should have played tonight's game and tomorrow's. There's no reason to have started Domingue - even a tired Blackwood is superior enough over Domingue that it's worth playing him at this point. But I get it - slow roll on the young goalie.

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6 minutes ago, Rob_Ottawa said:

Yes despite the trainwreck season, my hopes for Blackwood are coming true; play 40 games and become at least a consistent NHL goaltender.

Coaching has been generally awful, but at least they are doing the right things with him.

Eh, he should have started last night. Avs are one of the best teams in the league, and Blackwood is a young guy there’s no reason he can’t play back-to-back games. 

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