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Devils vs. Ducks, 12/18/19, 7:00 PM ET


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Just now, Devs3cups said:

I know DBA references Hynes, but what exactly does it mean lol? I really can't figure it out hahahah

Dumb but angry in reference to when they used to show him after we gave up a goal. Think CR76 coined it. 

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Just now, jagknife said:

This was a game they'd blow under DBA. He would have fvcked up the lines to make them "more defensively balanced" or some sh!t and they would have been lost. Absolutely amazing job by the guys, and stick taps to Nas for keeping them focused for 60.

Maybe Nas isn't that bad after all... Too early to tell though.

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They didn't play all that great but they didn't play poorly, either.  Huge blown coverage on the only goal they gave up.  Anaheim was tired as they played last night.  

Devils are making teams make mistakes with their speed.  That's good.  

Blackwood is making saves, that is also good, as he wasn't doing this early in the season.

The ice at Prudential Center is just awful.  That should be the biggest offseason investment if possible - some way to improve the ice.  A speed team like this should not be playing on ice this bad.

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Over the past two weeks the best two goalies in the league have probably been Sergei Bobrovsky and Mackenzie Blackwood with Carey Price in the race too. Right now Blackwood is consistently stopping shots that will go in against other starting NHL goaltenders sometimes. He's playing .965 hockey over his last five games - he's been stellar. He's just tracking the puck so well.

Yeah, the Devils are slowly coming along. They still make some bad choices, they still have some trouble coordinating themselves out there, but they generated chances tonight. They might not have generated enough offense overall but what they did generate was better than what they normally have to offer. Their speed and effort is getting them inside and down low - they've had a lot of trouble with that. Based on some of his quotes I think that Nas instantly realized coming in that if the team didn't play faster, they were never going to get the puck to the spots that it needs to get to in order to score. They can still do better and Anaheim is not good at preventing quality chances, but for what the Devils have done so far this season, it counts as a real positive victory.

Also, clearly the coaches have asked Nico to step up and become a leader on the team and it's nice to see his obvious effort to do that over the past 48 hours or so.

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