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BOS @ NJD - Last game of 2019 12/31 - 1PM


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Happy New Year you all! The boys sealed the deal in OT last night against a borderline AHL roster, and they play against a powerhouse tomorrow afternoon.


Will they end the calendar year on a high note?

Or wind up face down in a dirty gutter, like I will be tomorrow night?

Tune in tomorrow!


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And on a side note...having been in Ecuador the past couple of days (heading to Galapagos tomorrow)...easy to forget how good we have it in the US.  Lots of scenic beauty here in Ecuador, in terms of the Andes mountains and nature in general...but most people are living in pretty sh!tty conditions, compared to what we’re used to...so many structures of all kinds that just look beat up, neglected, and/or abandoned.  Just one of those reminders that being insanely passionate about a hockey team that’s been pissing us off for several years really isn’t so bad in the grand scheme.  Could be SO much worse.

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21 hours ago, DevsMan84 said:

1PM start time sucks.  I get it is NYE but I wonder how well the crowd will be to see the Devils get curb-stomped by one of the best teams in the league.

Regardless I will have to find a place close to my work to catch the first period on TV on my lunch break.

I'm sure there will be a decent crowd.  Players also like the earlier starts bc they have been spotted in times square after (kk/nico.bratt and a few others).  Granted as a New Yorker you cant pay me enough to stand outside (even with me getting nypd bathroom access from my nypd friends stationed in times square) for 8plus hours with millions of people to listen to crappy "pop artists " and watch a ball drop.  Only to leave at the exact same time as everyone else and suffer on an lirr train back to the island.


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I'm typically off today, but my kidney stone incident back in November cost me two personal days, and thus here I am at work. Hoping for any early closing, but who knows. 

I'm gonna try to find a place to stream it if I'm still stuck here. 

30 minutes ago, bobilly45 said:

 to listen to crappy "pop artists " and watch a ball drop.  

And they are lip syncing, so you're listening to a recording of a crappy pop artist. 

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11 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

im predicting a  Boston-Colorado cup finals this year.


Maybe all those douchebag Boston fans can pull their half Avs/half Bruins jerseys they wore during the Finals in 2001 out of mothballs.

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