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GDT: Islanders @ Devils 7:00 PM Retro night

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3 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

Just imagine Hughes coming in as a rookie asking Lou for 86 haha

Probably would've offered Hughes 43...the offer being "You either take 43 or I give you some other number that you will have zero say in."  Yeah gotta think Lou would've shot down 86.  

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I don't want to take all the credit , but ever since I called Nico out in my festive Devil's song he has basically been on fire.  That's the player we were all hoping we drafted, he is trying thi

He's been using his shot much more effectively lately. Hopefully all part of the post-Hynes improvement the team is going through. 

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3 hours ago, CMONPETEYD said:

Elias scored an OT goal once in our retros. He wore the Irish hat when he came out as the # 1 star!

I do remember that game.  Always thought it was the St Patty's Day night which is the reason we were wearing green, and that it was even more special that he scored the OT winner obviously because of his name. 

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4 minutes ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

I love the retro jerseys, but can we please never wear them on the ice ever again. 

It's like they don't know who tf to pass to if it's not someone in a solid white/black or black/red jersey...

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10 minutes ago, Guadana said:

-2 for damon today. 

The night is young.


6 minutes ago, MB3 said:

So many players on this team get worse entering their prime seasons, like Severson, and I refuse to put that on anyone but the coaches. 

But can the coach really stop a dope from centering a perfect pass to the other team? More of a lack of smarts to me.

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