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GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM EST (No GM edition)

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4 minutes ago, Devils Pride 26 said:

This team is playing sound, fundamental hockey. When there’s not a clean break out, they are sending guys out of the zone and chipping it off the glass to them. Defense is playing calmer turning the puck over hell of a lot less. Guys getting sticks in lanes and not giving up much. Tampa and Washington just missed a couple times, but it’s been a while since we’ve had that forcefield up where it feels like pucks find a way to NOT go in. 

It was great to see the Devils mix in aggressive forechecks and then setup a trap around the 10 minute mark. Tampa had trouble breaking through and they supported each other well. 

Still can’t get believe we can’t get a full roster dreseed, Bratt and Hughes out, back, then Palmieri out. Overall, this team has been fun to watch. I was glued to this game over the nfl playoffs which I didn’t really expect to happen today. Glad to see the rangers loss didn’t take the wind out of our sails, this team needs to win more than it does a draft pick. 

Goose is looking awesome and Nico has been flashing top end, elite mvp potential goal scoring skill that a lot of people (myself included) were wary about him developing. Things are looking up. Just win baby

Same. I didn’t watch a minute of the football game. These guys didn’t quit on this season, that’s for sure. It’s nice to see. 

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win against three best teams on east. impressive

It was interesting because Coleman clearly initiated contact, but Cirelli made it worse and knocked the goalie over.

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Yeah, the Devils did some good things but much of the game was the Devils holding on for dear life. Hey, TB is a really talented team and they're very hot right now - it's to be expected. The Devils got a low percentage shot from Greene to go in and got a good deflection from Zajac after a nifty move from Gusev and they got enough to go right for them in their own end to somehow win this game. Oh and of course, Domingue was really good - even better than yesterday I thought. The effort was really there out of the whole team. Miles Wood always gives a full effort and he made a really nice play to corral Hughes' pass, enter the zone and feed Greene the puck for the one-timer goal. In the end, the effort got them wins on back-to-back nights against two of the NHL's best teams. Awesome - hopefully it does wonders for their confidence going forward.

Also, I'm not one to complain much about teams playing rough - it's usually better to play rough back than to whine. The best teams make it painful to play them. But watching TB against the Devils the past few years, I mean, they are just such a dirty team - cheap shots galore. Somehow they usually skate by NHL player safety - not sure they should with some of the things they do.

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1 hour ago, Nicomo said:

It’s kind of frustrating to think how this season could have gone if we had traded Hall over the summer, fired Hynes earlier, sent Cory down sooner, etc.

That’s all on fkn Shero. It’s about time he got the boot.

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