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GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7PM EST

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Just make Coleman the GM, he’s already doing everything else. 

LGD, please no whammy. NHL Write-Up Todd Cordell Write-Up NJ.com Write-Up TheHockeyGuy Preview:     Congrats to our lil Nico boi!!!!  

Cory always looks good when there’s no pressure. It’s when it matters that he turns into a pumpkin. 

5 minutes ago, pumpkin cutter said:

Zacha suckin the life out of the first line. Hope his stink doesn’t rub off on nico and bratt. 

Yep. I said this would happen. Nico looks absolutely unstoppable for weeks, and now...

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32 minutes ago, jagknife said:

They smoke the Caps, look good against the Bolts and look like their old JV, John Hynes ways tonight.

Never a dull night with this squad

The inconsistency is maddening..... but that’s what makes bad teams bad.

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2 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Zacha is an offensive black hole. 

There's no questioning his consistency. 

Now onto Blackwood have they said when he's expected to be available?

Are we playing shorthanded all game cause there's just nobody near these guys??

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3 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Ok we’re getting close to this line needing a name!

The pickle-goose line 

need to work Zajac into it somehow though lol

1 minute ago, ilzz89 said:

Sit Simmer, Rooney bring Anderson or Bastian up

Just not today

What do you expect he’s playing with Zacha...

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