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Coleman to the Bolts


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9 minutes ago, Jerzey said:

If it’s Boston I wonder if Backes is included. 

Coleman for Backes + 1st + Prospect?

They still having trouble locking up McAvoy? I'd take on Backes' salary if he came with lol

EDIT: McAvoy is locked up, it might be Krug

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12 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Return has to be insane to move him.

Disagree with this. I’d move him for a good young defensemen/prospect. We HAVE to start fixing the blue line. 

I like Coleman as much as the next guy, and I obviously don’t want him moved for peanuts, but it also doesn’t have to be Quinn Hughes or multiple 1sts or something crazy lol

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11 minutes ago, njbuff said:

If you gonna trade Coleman, hopefully it's for Byram.

I would love it, but I’m not sure other teams would rate his value as high as we do. 

Here he’s a top 3 player along with Nico and Palms, but on a good team he’s just a complimentary piece. 

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If the main piece of the return for Coleman (or Palmieri) is a first rounder from a good team that figures to win at least a round in the playoffs, we might as well consider ourselves the second coming of the Sabres of the past ten years and that any current season ticket holder who actually doesn't feel like getting scammed should no longer be a season ticket holder.

I am not averse to trading Coleman (or Palmieri).  They are both at the peak of their trade value and there's no guarantee that either of them wants to sign a new contract with the team.  But it has to be a deal that's too good to pass up. 

If it's Colorado, at the very least I want Alex Newhook and probably a conditional first rounder.

If it's Boston, at the very least I want Beecher and a first.  Even that would probably piss me off.

It looks like at the least Coleman is out the door.  Fitzgerald better not fvck it up.

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4 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Well you don’t trade your WORST players when you’re in last place and rebuilding...

As long as Peter Chiarelli isn't being allowed to run a team into the ground this statement remains true. 

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17 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

I'm at the game. Coleman is not on the ice for warm ups.

Yeah I’m here too and once I saw that, it started sinking in for me.  Of course, have to see the return.  But I’m really bummed.  Even wore his debut jersey to the game tonight.  Didn’t know this was coming.

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