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Trade Deadline Thread Monday, Feb. 24. Time: 3 p.m. ET

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3 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Not necessarily. Vatanen is always injured, and hasn’t played since Feb 1. And he doesn’t have the extra year like Coleman. 

That’s true, I overlooked that extra year.

Still think the return should be more than a second, especially where some consider him to be the best available rental. 

Also, I have to say, if we were competitive I would be pretty annoyed that he was out right now. Not his fault, I suppose, but the guy gets injured a lot. 

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He's been a really good AHL forward for a few years now and he's someone I was high on in his draft year, really smart attacker than can both finish and set up plays but I think he's more effective as


this trade palmieri for anything nonsense has to stop. he is worth more to the devils than just about anyone else. I would require a good 1st + your team's 2nd or 3rd best NHL ready prospect to consid

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4 minutes ago, aylbert said:

I mean, most firsts now a days seem lottery protected unless that's the point of trading the pick.

I meant interesting as in it locks up the 2021 first. They can't trade it today since its conditional on the 2020 pick. Its one less piece for them today that's all

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2 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

From the reports I have been hearing, the general belief is that Simmonds will likely not get traded.  He likes NJ and NJ management wants him back.


I guess we probably could've inferred this from Fitz's comments about needing "men" or whatever to mentor the kids.  And I guess Simmonds is great for that.. but he's just painfully slow to watch out there.

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13 minutes ago, jagknife said:

Rangers having a press conference in about a half hour. Kinda weird...

Kreider's probably a goner, right?

Edit: Rumors are either a Kreider extension, or that..

[NYR to announce Igor Shesterkin was in car accident]

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