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GDT: Devils @ Rags 3/7 7PM

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3 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:


Not sure I have a problem with a guy getting called up and not being immediately put into the lineup without so much as having one practice with the team. 

Then he should have been left in Bing to help them. 

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Fun game to watch. Enjoyed Sh!tstalker getting the hook in his own building. I hate everyone on their team. Sloppy night, but we still kicked their ass. Fvck the Rangers, eat a d!ck Lundqvist, nice wi

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LGD. Always excited when we play them. Mika and Panarin are one hell of a special team. I won't be surprised if they make the playoffs. Our boys need to relax and play their game. We've finally beaten the Blues. Let's make it a memorable back to back. 


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Rangers fans chanting "Igor" after Rooney rings one off the post...like he had fvcking anything to do with that lol. 

Nice penalty kill...glad we're staying in this, we just gotta remain poised and we can play with these guys, and beat them.

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