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Lighting, your 2019-20 Stanley Cup Champions


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1 hour ago, SterioDesign said:

lol fun fact. In quebec there was this reality tv show that was basically an american idols rip off. And one guy from where i grew up in New-Brunswick went and won. He became a big star in Quebec and i know him a bit but know his neighbour really well... so get this, tourists from Quebec would come to see the house where "Wilfred" grew up in Tracdie and literally steal dog poo from the yard as a souvenir. Not even kidding lol 

That’s disturbing lol. 

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22 hours ago, HellOnICE said:

Shocking the multitude of the white suburban  hockey fans who don't understand what black players across athletics are trying to articulate - which there's some real problems in systemic racism and inequality right now that disproportionately affects their communities. So you have 24 year old white hockey players who don't know how to react because they didn't grow up with the same vision, or even in the same continent, that are stopping for a second to listen to what their brothers are telling them. They should be commended. What the NBA has done to encourage their owners to open up arenas for polling stations in their cities is a seemingly-direct result from pressure upwards. 


There it is. 


I don't listen to anyone who's reasons to discount my opinion start by including whatever demographics or group I may belong to. 


Have a nice day. 

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3 hours ago, Devilsfan118 said:


Didn't help that Makar had a true rookie moment out there in the last game too that ended up being the GWG for Dallas, I believe. 

If i was mfitz i would say "better than Hughes who had a true rookie season".

Makar vs Heiskanen is Drysdale vs Sanderson for me now. Although I understand that technically, and physically, they are different people, but looking at the game of top rookies it becomes clear where, with whom and how to approach the development of young defenders.

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5 hours ago, EdgeControl said:

Isles offense peaking at the right time.. I picked them to win both these series.. then lose to bolts.  But Dallas is ruining everything... i had Avs in cup finals

Almost the same for me.  I had Isles and Bolts advancing to Conf finals, with Isles actually winning, then losing to Colorado.  fvck the Avs.

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12 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

For the moment, I’m still leading the bracket challenge. Couple guys have NYI still on there while I don’t, so I expect to be taken out shortly. 

The Carolina/Boston series to me was a coin flip, so I opted for the Canes just to go against the grain and try to pick up some points, figuring that most would probably pick Boston - I wish I hadn't done that, because other wise I'd have a near-perfect bracket at the moment, other than Vancouver over St. Louis which I just didn't see coming.  But that's probably gonna change soon if the Stars can finish things off in the next two games. 

If the Avs and Flyers don't make comebacks, then none of us will have predicted the Cup winner correct. 

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Just now, NJDfan1711 said:

Yep, and kind of sad lol - you'd think out of 6 of us making predictions, and 16 teams to choose from - some more obvious than others - one of us would have predicted it correctly.  

The fact that I am still #1 overall is shocking. I think last year I was in last place from the very first round. 

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