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Lighting, your 2019-20 Stanley Cup Champions


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2 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

It's gonna be cool seeing Coleman in the finals plus I can just enjoy the series because im fine with either team winning. 

That’s right, kick back, watch the games, wait for the Cup. That’s what September into October is all about. 


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I'm 100% pulling for the Stars here - it'd be nice to see Coleman get a cup, but I can't fvcking stand so many of those clowns on Tampa.  Still hold a grudge from when we played them years ago in the first round.

Hedman for his spear on Nico, Kucherov for his headshot against Vats (and his other spoiled brat antics since then)... just don't like that team at all.

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Feel bad for Greene, but happy for the local team here to be back in the finals - they've had such a good team for the past 5-7 years, and after last year's choke job they really needed this.  I get why some people don't like some players on the Bolts, I'll be the first to admit that Kucherov comes across as a pretty huge baby or diva sometimes, and I didn't like Hedman's spear a few years ago one bit either, but the organization as a whole is first class, so I'd be happy for them if they won.  Also would be happy for Coleman for obvious reasons.  

Will be interesting to see if Stamkos plays - was cool that he was there and got to come out onto the ice.  I was pretty convinced that he wasn't even with the team and was home in Tampa.

I don't see how the Bolts don't win this series, it truly looks like it's their year and with all their talent they're finally gonna get another Cup, but Dallas has completely surprised me too by beating the Avs and Golden Knights, so I wouldn't put it past them to make it a competitive series.  Khudobin has also been phenomenal.  Gonna be a great goalie duel, as it looks like Vasilevsky has firmly planted himself atop the league - the Bolts probably wouldn't be where they are right now without him. 

I say Bolts in 6, but I just want competitive hockey again to round out the playoffs.  It's been a great post-season, all things considered.

13 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

I do believe that gives me the Bracket Challenge win. 

EDIT: Signed, sealed and delivered. 



Congrats, champ!

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