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2021 Seattle Expansion Draft


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8 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

Yeah but that whole angle is not taking my feelings into considerations at all.


I think he's just looking at it from a contract $ efficiency standpoint.

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On 5/19/2021 at 7:44 AM, Mitico12 said:

Looking at it straight-up this way, yes, seems like an unfair advantage for Vegas.  But, let's break it down -  each club benefited financially from Vegas' (and now Seattle's) entry into the league - this to the tune of like $20 million per team in distributed funds derived from the entry fees paid.

So - if you're Vegas or Seattle - you're like..."Screw that - I paid to have these expansion rules favor my team - so I'm not feeling sorry for anyone" $600 million is a lot of money to enter a team into competition.  That's just a fee to enter the league.  That's not talking about brick and mortar, logistical, human resource costs - which can drive that amount up another 50%.

Imagine paying the $600 million expansion fee, and being as dreary as the Senators or Sharks in their expansion years.  Not happening. 

It benefits the league having a competitive team right off the bat, and it also helps guarantee a generous and quicker return-on-investment to the ownership group of the new franchise.

It's all calculated my friends.

But doesn’t this all apply to all the expansion teams?  They all paid expansion fees and none of them got the treatment that Vegas has gotten.  You could argue that it is because of how much Vegas paid, but that seems like a weak argument.  Taking into account inflation and the value of teams in the NHL I would bet that Vegas paid what was essentially a fair price compared to earlier expansion teams.  Sure, $600 million is a lot of money (it’s more than I usually have in my wallet 😀) but if that’s the entry price then that’s the price, right?  

The same applies with the other expenses.  Every other expansion team needed to find a stadium, hire staff, etc., right.  But if you compare what has happened to Vegas with every earlier expansion the NHL had it really is a sad sort of favoritism.  I can’t say why, but it really is.  When all the teams were added in the ‘70s every team that came before didn’t get to skip having to defend talent (at least not that I am aware, I’m open to being corrected) and the talent available were mostly scrubs.  

I am sure you’re right that this is calculated, on that we most certainly agree.  I’m just not sure I like the equations I am seeing.  

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On 5/27/2021 at 3:01 PM, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Looks like they did something similar at Kemper...basically raised the playing surface to the bottom of the upper deck.  Yeah I knew that Maple Leaf Gardens was also renovated, but never looked up any pics of the results.  Love that there’s still a rink on the premises.

@DM84 yeah 70s wasn’t a great time for a lot of things American engineering, lol.  Cars didn’t fare much better.  I didn’t know about the Hartford Civic Center roof collapse...yikes.  I do know that Kemper’s design was considered very cutting-edge for that time...the exterior had a very futuristic look for the 70s.

I’m sorry, did someone say Pinto?





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1 minute ago, jagknife said:

The number of big names on the exposure list is incredible.

sure some have bad deals but others still have talent

Gourde from Tampa being exposed is gonna be a tough loss for them. I think Seattle takes him, unless Brisbois cuts a deal with Francis.

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Just now, MB3 said:

Subban and Johnsson exposed. Surprised they protected Bastian over Johnsson, but that tells me the team didn’t see a top-6 role for Johnsson this year and that has me excited.

Exposing your Johnsson can only get you into trouble these days. 

Just now, MadDog2020 said:

Gourde from Tampa being exposed is gonna be a tough loss for them. I think Seattle takes him.

That should be a definite. 

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Just now, Crisis said:

I think Tampa loses Palat

I guess that’s the problem of being such a stacked team at the time of an expansion draft, you’re going to lose someone good. 

Just now, jagknife said:

The Rangers protected Kevin Rooney.

Instead of who? Someone who has been absent NINE TIMES??

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