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2020 NJDEVS Fantasy Football Smacktalk


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Sorry I’m late! But we need to get things rolling here. I will Renee the league later today. Please let me know if you are in or out & then we can starting filling the holes!

also we can start talking about any changes you guys want

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On 12/8/2020 at 10:19 AM, redruM said:

After this week I think I’m officially out of the playoffs🤬

We have three 7-6 teams battling for the last #4 spot... who are facing the top 3 teams.   It's must watch Fantasy Football.

You're not out...  in fact, currently you're favored to win that last slot.    But they are all close games - but if either Sworn Defenders or Zamboni Warriors pull out a win, you're likely out given you're about 100 points behind...

4. Sworn Defenders 1546.60 is facing 2. Henriqued 1601.16...    Henriqued is favored to win by 5  137.92-132.87 currently. 

5. Zamboni Warriors 1539.12 is facing 1. Big Blue 1766.04...  Big Blue is favored to win by 8  136.73-128.72

and lastly

6. Dynamo Nation 1442.82 is facing 3. Oakland Invaders 1533.26, and Dynamo is FAVORED to win by  12.5   131.34-118.84


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Zamboni Warriors gets blown out by Big Blue and is out of the playoffs.

Dynamo Nations and Oakland Invaders both went above projections, and it comes down to Nick Chubb staying under 27.44 points - which he has done all season; but had flirted with +20 3 times.   He is projected to score 14.38.

Henriqued is narrowly leading the Sworn Defenders, 117.74-177.34.    Tonight it's SD's RB Kareem Hunt (10.99) vs Henriqued's TE Mark Andrews (9.84).   After starting the season off very strong, Hunt has underpeformed for several weeks now.  Andrews has been inconsistent and is coming off a 2 week absence due to COVID19...  but has a very TE friendly match-up against the Browns.

Ultimately, I believe Dynamo Nations will hold off Chubb, and that Mark Andrews will score a TD sealing the win for Henriqued and handing the SD their third consecutive loss - paving the way for Dynamo Nations to enter the playoffs at 8-6.

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2 hours ago, aylbert said:

At this point I’m just cheering on Chubb as Hunt is doing nothing...  as long as Andrews stays quiet 

Hunt waited for me to give up on him to score some touchdowns...     high scoring , exciting game...  very fitting for these pivotal fantasy matchups.

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