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New Jersey Devils 2020(ish)-2021 Season


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10 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

He seems to want too much money, and Ottawa is cheap. I’d take a chance on a two year deal.


Quoting just cause I can.

Double digit goal player, granted journeyman (4 5 teams in 6 years).

I wish I understood corsi but I'm guessing positive is good, negative is bad, and his -0.9 was better than almost half of our team last season...

EDIT: Missed the Rangers, 5 teams in 6 years. We'd be 6 in 7.

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14 hours ago, titans04 said:

Canada isn't playing games with their covid requirements (not allowing MLB etc. and now this). Could be a real issue for the NHL if the virus is still not under control heading into 2021 and the targeted NHL start date of 1/1/21.  I mean this has to be the death sentence of the OHL season I would think.




This is so incredibly stupid, body checking isn't and wouldn't be the main way covid would be spread during a hockey game. 

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4 minutes ago, vadvlfan said:

With Free agency upon us tomorrow, who would you like to see Fitz go after? Tiffoli? Duclair? Vesey? Kahun? Beau Bennett? (just kidding)

Let's sign Vesey and then immediately trade him to Buffalo just for the lolz. 

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10 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

How about also to maintain distance, they don’t play hockey and the champion is determined by a cornhole tournament?

Hey getting it almost in the hole counts in cornhole...

your boy could be world class!

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11 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

Not a bad get on a one year deal. Well done Fitz. 

Both defensive acquisitions are "stopgap with upside" moves.  If they work out for a year (and the Devils manage to be competitive next season), great.  If not, they can be dealt for picks.  But they're fine moves, both of them.  D is still very much a work in progress and of course Nas is still here (bleech), but talent-wise, this group should be better than last year's.  

Get the feeling we may see one more minor move, then it's about getting Bratt and Blackwood signed.  

Six UFAs next season, barring any extensions:  Palms, Zajac, Goose, Murray, Carrick, and Kulikov.  Out of them, I'm guessing that Palms and Goose have the best chance to stick around.  Maybe Zajac comes back on a one-year, lower-cost deal...really depends on how Zacha develops (basically can he become a reliable 3C?).  I think all of the UFA defenseman are in the Devils' plans for 2020-21 only.  

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