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New Jersey Devils 2020(ish)-2021 Season


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6 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

I only saw that he coached Rochester for the Sabres and had a great record while he was there. 

2013-14 Rochester Americans AHL Assistant              
2014-15 Rochester Americans AHL Assistant              
2015-16 Rochester Americans AHL Assistant              
2016-17 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins AHL Assistant              
2017-18 Rochester Americans AHL Head 76 37 22 0 17 0.599 Lost in round 1
2018-19 Rochester Americans AHL Head 76 46 23 0 7 0.651 Lost in round 1
2019-20 Rochester Americans AHL Head 62 33 20 0 9 0.605
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From reading the article, it seems they just want to give an offer sheet, and it doesn’t matter who they give it to. That doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. I don’t find is credible. If you want to tell me a certain player the Devils are interested in, and are considering signing an offer sheet for, then we can talk.

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i think its legit that he was asked that. But that doesn't meant they'll give one this year or anything.

If you're a business man and want to hire a manager. Those are the kind of questions you'll have to ask to see if they can handle the tough decisions.

"If there was a good opportunity. Would you be able to give out an offer sheet".  I'm sure there's GM who simply wouldn't do it just because they don't want to hurt feelings or burn bridges.

"would you trade a guy who need to be traded a week after his wife gave birth. Or lost a baby"

"would you buy out a long time player if it was for the best interest of the team"

"would you fire your coaching staff if you had to" 

etc etc im sure those are all questions owners are asking any GM in interviews.

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28 minutes ago, MB3 said:

on a scale of 1-10 how fvcking high do you get before you post? 

Well 2 fun facts.

1) I never smoked weed. 

2) that specific one you brought up is not even something i made up, its actually something i heard a GM say in interview. I think it might have been Burke. If i remember correctly he was talking about how his son couldnt have been a GM cause he was too kind or wtv and couldn't have dealt with having to make terrible decisions like.... ^^^

But now, was he high and how high on a scale of 1-10... that i can't answer

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49 minutes ago, Guadana said:

Foff. I have a Birthday today. If i want  буду вообще на русском писать.

Happy birthday, comrade! This may be just the excuse I need to end this wretched Sober October early.

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