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Survival Football 2020 - DD56 WINS!


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We're back to another year of Survival Football... even if I slacked a ton.


Pick 1 team a week to win and you survive!
Two strikes and you're out.  You know the drill.

Yahoo only allows for 5 minutes before first game of week (Thursday)  or 5 minutes before first 1p Sunday game...   so if you slack and miss the Sunday cutoff...   you get a strike.

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Week 1:  Colts upset.

Week 1 is here, and we 7 people in this year.  A bit light, but with everything going on; I'm fine with that.
What I'm not fine with is the Colts burning survivor lifelines in Week 1; but that's what they did as they lost to the Jaguars, 27-20.

Taking a strike were My Awesome Pickset, Wild Guestimations DD56 and Aylbert.

Big Blue and NJDevs4978 went with the Chiefs who beat the Texans 34-20
Eaglejelly went with the Ravens, who reminded us some things are still sane, as they leveled the Browns 38-6.
Jerek went with the Bills who beat the Jets, 27-17

See ya all in week 2...   where we already face nearly half the league exiting.

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Week 2... and we already have a slacker

Big Blue took a strike with no pick...

EagleJelly and Aylbert went with the Titans who narrowly held off the Jaguars, 33-30
Jarek, NJDevs4978, Awesome  Pick Set and DD56 went with the 49ers, who defeated the Jets 31-13 - hey a palindrome.

See ya all in week 3.

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Week 3...  We all saw it, we all won't see week 4.

Big Blue bailed on our season after week 1, with his 2nd consecutive no pick strike.
That's defensible in a way, what's not is Aylbert taking his 2nd strike in 3 weeks...  as the Chargers lost to the Panthers 21-16

Wild Guesstimate went with the Browns who beat the Washington Football Team, 34-20
The rest of the field went with the Colts, who crushed the Jets 36-7

On to week 4!   Well, not for me, but I'll watch.

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Week 4- One went against the grain, it didn't matter

This week My Aesome Pick Set went with the Ravens, who defeated the Washington Football Team 31-17
Eaglejelly, Jarek's Out of Sight Pick Set, NJDevs4978, and DD56 went with the Rams, who defeated the G-men, 17-9.

On to week 5!

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So in Week 5 we have 5 teams left who went with 5 different teams.

Eaglejelly was the only one to take the strike as the 49ers lost to the Dolphins 43-17
NJDevs4978 had the Ravens over the Bengals, 27-3
Jerek took the Cards over the now Bell-less Jets 30-10.
My Awesome Pick Set had the Steelers over the Eagles 38-29
and DD56 had the now Dak-less Cowboys over the Giants in a 37-34 matchup.

Let's see what happens in Week 6.

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Week 6:  

The Patriots lost to the Broncos, 18-2... taking EagleJelly and Awesome Pickset down and out with them with their 2nd strikes.

Miami beatup on the Jets 24-0 as Jerek and NJDevs4978 remain perfect.
Meanwhile DD56 narrowly survives as the Ravens endured a 22pt Philly 4th quarter to beat the Eagles 30-28.

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Week 8:  

We saw NJDevs4978 take his first strike, as the Vikings were upset by the Packers, 28-22
Jarek nearly took his first strike too, as the Buccaneers narrowly defeated the Giants, 25-23
DD56 cruised to an easy win, as the Chiefs defeated the Jets 35-9

Jarek remains perfect as NJDevs4978 and DD56 are both carrying a strike.

Seeya in week 9.

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Week 9:  It was close, but everyone survives

Jarek and DD56 went with the Steelers, who needed a 4th quarter rally to beat the Cowboys, 24-19
NJDevs4978 was no better, also relying on a 4th quarter rally as the Patriots beat the Jets 30-27

Onto Week 10!

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Week 11: 

NJDevs4978 went with the Vikings over the Cowboys; who obviously... easily beat... uhmm, I lost.   31-28.    Unfortunately that was his second strike and he's officially out.

Jarek and DD56 both went with the Chargers over the Jets, who won 34-28...   so at least that happened.     Jarek remains flawless, DD56 is carrying a strike...   so from  week 12 on, we could be crowning a champ.


Seeya then!

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Week 12:

What's a week now?  With Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday games...   but here we are.

Jarek went with the Browns who narrowly beat the Jaguars, 27-25
DD56 went with Dolphins over the Jets, who won handily 20-3

Onto Week 13!

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Week 13: It was close.

The Raiders almost blew it for Jarek... against those J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets; but the Raiders held on 31-28 over the 0-11 Jets.   It wasn't sweating Jarek too much since they can afford a strike.
but that wasn't even the closet game!
DD56, who doesnt have the luxury of taking a strike, went with Vikings over the 1-win Jaguars... the Vikings needed OT to do it; but won 27-24.

Let's see what Week 14 brings...

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Week 15...

Jarek went with the Ravens - who easily defeated the Jaguars 40-14
DD56 with one strike, went with the Cardinals over the Eagles - Arizona needed to fight off a 2 minute drill, but won 33-26.

Week 16 is next...  if we continue as is for week 16 and 17, we will move into the pick em playoff edition.

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Playoff Week 1:  It's sudden death time!

Jerek took his first strike as the Seahawks lost to the Ram 30-20.
DD56 went with the Buccaneers who beat the Football Team, 31-23.

Both teams now carry a strike... let's see what the playoffs bring us.

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After a Week 1 strike selecting the Colts over the Jaguars - which Jacksonville earned it's only win of the season, 27-20...   DD56 nailed every pick since for the survival title including the NFC title game, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers, 31-26.

Taking 2nd, Jarek was perfect through the regular season - but took his first strike during wild card weekend when the Seahawks lost to the Rams 30-20. 
Jarek went with the Bills who lost to to defending Super Bowl Champions Chiefs 38-24.

Congrats to DD56!

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