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2020 Free Agency Megathread


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21 minutes ago, jagknife said:

CecI was serviceable in Ottawa but was trash in Toronto.

My favorite part about him was at a game last year when he got high sticked and the guy in front of me jumped up and yelled “Take that you pizza buffet motherfvcker”. Excellent wordplay. 

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8 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:

Just a thought... Otherwise I guess we are leaving it up to who makes it out of camp? Boqvist, McLeod, Anderson, Merkley, and Kuokkanen likely to be paired with Zajac or Zacha? 



I'd like to see Merkley and Zacha paired up but I'd also like to send Zacha down to bingo after the inevitable first 20 games of no production, to the pit of misery dilly dilly

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4 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

1. Matheson sucks. 2. He was traded to Pittsburgh last week. 🤣

Oh god damnit...

Weeger, Mackenzie Weeger.

How the sh!t did I mess that up so badly?

I'm not even going to edit the original post, its so bad of a mistake I deserve the shame haha

Edited by jagknife
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