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2020 Mets offseason thread

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Mets' Francisco Lindor contract talks: Cautionary tales loom (nypost.com)

Sherman actually seems pretty optimistic that something gets done.  I really don't know anymore...while I still lean towards Sandy absolutely finding a way NOT to get this done, sometimes he can surprise everyone with an unexpected big move (like when he signed Cespedes to his disastrous long-term deal).

Obviously it's going to be a rich SS market in FA, so it really isn't like he HAS to sign Lindor for upper-echelon dollars...and if the Mets offer $300+ million and Lindor turns that down, he's taking a risk too...if he has a full season like his 2020 campaign, that kind of money may no longer be made available to him.  But I'd just like to see the Mets put a final stamp on something, for once.   


Funny, speaking of Ces, been reading about him, and apparently most have caught on...basically, there's serious questions about dedicated he actually is to baseball.  Well, duh, heh heh.   

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What a freaken loser. Lmao.. 62 unanswered texts. Dumbass

Welp at least the offseason got off to a grand start with the officially official approval of Cohen as the new owner (and as a result, the end of the Wilpons) after the owners' vote and DeBlasio final

Yeah I don't want to cancel culture Sandy either, it's just interesting it happened with his last two hires and for their biggest pro jobs. There definitely is a segment of the media and public t

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Speaking of ex-Mets, Matt Harvey makes the Orioles. I’m very skeptical they get anything out of him but if you’re the Orioles why not, and this is probably Harvey’s last chance.

And supposedly Steven Matz is turning heads in Blue Jay camp. I wasn’t as anti bringing back Matz and would have been okay with just throwing him in the Lucchesi-Yamamoto pot of what the hell, but it got to the point where maybe a change of scenery was best for everyone. Still, it’s another strike against the Mets player development if he somehow revives his career elsewhere.

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Can you believe Harvey is already 31 years old?  Damn time flies...

Matz is having a fine spring, but let me see him put it together over a full season...and not melt down the way he often did when things started to unravel.  Yeah, not like the Mets are renowned for their player development, but Matz just seemed to be missing something...who knows, like you said, maybe being dealt was what he needed.  

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On one hand, it's a very fair offer...Mets definitely cannot be accused of cheaping out here.

On other other, am I terribly worried about the Mets' financial flexibility in years 11 and 12 of a potential new deal?  Should it come down to that?

As much as I'm not a Sandy guy, with all of the FA SS that will be available this offseason, if Lindor won't sign an extremely fair deal (it's an overpayment, let's call it what it is, but that's how it goes with guys like Lindor), then it is what it is.  I can't really kill the Mets on this one if they won't go two more years...guess at some point, you say no.

I have a feeling they'll settle at 11 years @ $360 million.  We'll see.

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Looking like this thing ain't getting done.  Doesn't surprise me that much...and though there's plenty that annoys me about Sandy, and as much as part of me says "Jesus Christ Sandy, you're not even going to be here in 11-12 years, will you and Cohen take one friggin' potential mega-signing to the finish line already?!", I think Lindor is taking a hell of a risk here...he turns in another meh kind of year or gets hurt, he'll be hard-pressed to get the same offer he just turned down, let alone get even more (and he'll be a year older to boot).  

The thing that sucks is the other FA SS, while still obviously good, aren't as good (right now) as the guy who'd be leaving...but without breaking it all down too much, there's obviously some nice replacements out there.

At some point though, the Mets are going to have to figure out if they REALLY want to go all-in on one of these players.  Sandy seems to forever too happy to go 90-95% of the way and come up just short...at some point, you either accept that the prices are going to be ridiculous, and are actually willing to go all-in and make it happen, just once.  If you're not willing to do that from the get-go, then stop swimming with sharks, and build your team in other ways.  Fiscal responsibility and future financial flexibility aside, I'm sorry, though there's merit to all of that, enough with losing out at the last second again and again and again.  It's just annoying now...and there's a part of me that can see friggin' Sandy finding a way to miss out on every last big-name FA SS next offseason, crazy at that sounds.  

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