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Favorite Non-Devils Hockey Memories

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As an early teen I was a big bruins fan. Orr was the man. Espo was the scoring king. Then they traded him to the rags. And Brad park became a bruin. I couldn't take it and left hockey for 20 years. My wife a huge devils fan started me with the devils in 1995.. but I didn't get serious until I started skating with my son..

But after all that obviously the biggest hockey event was beating the russians in the miracle on iceūüėܬ†

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12 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

In 2009 during the world juniors I was at a party with a bunch of friends for the Canada Russia game.

Canada was trailing 5-4 and i still remember vividly looking at the time, like 10 seconds left and reaching out to grab a handful of regular ruffles chips while saying "I can't fvcking believe Canada won't even make it to the finals..."

Then Eberle scored that goal with 5.4seconds left and we all went nuts. Then they won in shootouts.

And to this day. I still never ate that handful of ruffles chips. 

Is it now in a display case next to other collectibles?

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On 11/19/2020 at 12:24 PM, mfitz804 said:

North Stars run to the Cup in 1991. That was the first time I ever remember being into non-Devils hockey. I was more of a passive hockey fan from 86-90, Fall 1990 was when I first became a really serious hockey fan, and I really bought in to the North Stars. Then Pittsburgh killed them lol. 

Well, PIttsburgh killed them in Game 6, but that was a pretty close series. That should have been the Devils in the Finals that year


My memories are as a lad my father had partial Flyers season tix in the late 70's. Upper ring........if anyone remembers that upper ring!


Saw a lot a lot of great Islander, Bruin, Canadiens, Ranger team against the Flyers. 


Miracle On Ice and especially the World Cup win in '96. I got engaged that very night.

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