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The masks of the men between the pipes

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5 hours ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

I just remember that Billington had a nice simple design, I hardly remember anything else about him. He had a cool mask on Ottawa too I think. 

And good call on McKenna. He had a more badass version of the Sidorkewiecz one, it looks like


The mullet on the guy in the front row is impressive

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Chris Terreri  

I hated the MB30 mask. He should’ve never switched.

The mullet on the guy in the front row is impressive

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55 minutes ago, Chuck the Duck said:

I remember loving Sean Burke's first painted mask with the Devils.  That thing was sweet back in the day.  As an 11 year old, I remember painting my Mylec Street Hockey mask to match it as best I could. 

 Sean Burke of the New Jersey Devils skates against the Toronto Maple...  News Photo - Getty Images

Burke’s mask was awesome. It was the first Devils goalie mask I truly loved (I was 9 when Burke came up, so it was the first really cool mask I ever saw a Devils goalie wear).

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If you never saw Marty live, you never know what that mask was really like. When you see that thing leading the pack out of the tunnel, with a black base and an off-white trim around the flames.... goosebumps. Legitimate goosebumps. 

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