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2021 Around The League Thread

Satans Hockey

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37 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Agreed that it's probably not but they will just postpone and reschedule like all the other leagues have done so far. 

I'm not too worried about it, yet. I mean hell the damn Browns have what feels like the whole team getting COVID and they're still about to play a playoff game


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As expected, Mike Hoffman signed a 1 year, $4m deal with the Blues. 


1 minute ago, jagknife said:

Perrault, advanced numbers aside cause I don’t know them, wouldn’t be a bad gamble for one year. Especially with Nico’s injury. He can play all 3 positions and could be insurance as a 5th center, maybe?

He always looks like he needs a shower. 

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5 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

there's no way we're not claiming James Reimer right?

had a 0.914 save% last year as a backup through 25 games... his starter had a 0.905 % over 40.

In his last contract year with a 3.4m cap hit

The idea with Crawford may also have been that with the second year, they would be able to expose him in the expansion draft, which they would not be able to do with Reimer if he isn't under contract. 

But at this point, could he be the best available option as a backup? He may be.


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