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2021 Around The League Thread

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here's the video.  

Is that is heart or is she saying that giant hole is the reason he has no Cups? I kid, I’m glad he’s feeling well lol. 

I don’t think Fitz got the proper congrats about the Vatanen deal. I mean, we always talk about trading a guy at the deadline and then re-signing him after the end of the season when his contract expi

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5 hours ago, Rob_Ottawa said:

He wouldn't even discuss a contract with Ray. Zero loyalty so screw him 

You're leaving out plenty (not much surprise there).  The real problem was Hall suffered his knee injury, so it didn't make much sense for the Devils to make him an offer without knowing if he could bounce back fully, and it didn't make sense for Hall's agent to talk contract without seeing what he could do on the ice.  Well, as we know, the team didn't play well, Hall was OK but far from his MVP form, it quickly became obvious that making a big offer to Hall (that he wasn't likely to take, given the state of the team) wouldn't make much sense, and Shero did the smart thing and moved him for what he could get.  I still think if the Devils were playing well and showing legit signs of making progress, both Hall and Shero would've had more of a real conversation about an extension...not saying that Hall still wouldn't have waited to test the market, but from all accounts, it doesn't sound like any contract talks went anywhere.

I didn't care about the ear-cupping thing...what I said at the time is that I get the feeling Hall has just enough awkwardness within his sense of humor that he had no idea that what was supposed to be a relatively harmless joke on his part would get blown up in some circles.  I don't think he was trying to piss people off at the time.    

4 hours ago, Rob_Ottawa said:

Then he signs with buffalo...yup there's a perennial playoff beast if I've see one...🙄

Way to read the COVID-filled room.  His chance to get a big contract in 2020-21 dried up with the current market and environment, and the fact that his 2019-20 season was pretty underwhelming (especially since both the Devils and Coyotes, on the surface anyway, didn't seem to benefit much from his presence in the lineup...both teams posted better record without him).  Given that his best (and probably only) option was to bet on himself via a one-year deal, there's a lot worse places you can go than Buffalo, who obviously have a terrific center in Eichel.  I'd say at the very least, Hall put himself in a fine position to put up some glamour numbers, which should help his cause to get a better deal next year.  And if he's having a great season and Buffalo isn't contending, do you really think someone won't trade for him at or before the deadline?  Just because he's starting the season with Buffalo doesn't mean that he'll end his year there.  

I do agree with others that I think his chance to get that real beastly megadeal has sailed though...and if he misses significant time this season, he may have to settle for another one-year contract.  

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