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2021 Around The League Thread

Satans Hockey

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5 minutes ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

At first I thought this was about the Blackhawks case. Jesus fvcking Christ what is going on over there?

When I coached my daughter’s soccer team, the league actually instructed us that we are never allowed to be alone with the kids. I wasn’t even allowed to give a kid a ride to the game. 

Scumbags like these are the reason why. 


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11 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:


If they trade him to the Rags I swear to god...

I just saw a report that Zibanejad might be on the move tomorrow too.

The Zibby rumor seemed intentionally misleading by whoever tweeted it. Speculation Ive been reading says contract extension plus captaincy.

The rangers have 1 (one) good NHL center. If they trade him, they’re big dumb.

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14 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I’m not sure he’ll find another job. 

He cleared waivers but I feel like someone is going to take a chance on a really cheap contract. I have faith in Fitz that it will not be NJ. 

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