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GDT1: Bruins @ Devils 1/14/2021 7PM Season Opener!


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Just now, NJDfan1711 said:

I'm really tired of Wood's power move that almost always ends up with a goalie interference penalty.  If you're gonna do it, make sure you can get around to the backhand and avoid the goalie instead of just going straight into the net you idiot.



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4 minutes ago, Devs3cups said:

Literally 10 mins in guys. First game in almost a full calendar year. 

With that being said, I really want Nico, Bratt and Vats to get in there ASAP

This team is obviously not very good, but they’re particularly bad without Nico. 

3 minutes ago, pumpkin cutter said:

wood hasn't lost his step. 

Or gained any brain cells. 

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Horrible decision by Palms...which means MB3 will make him sound like the worst player on Earth. 

Wood is still Wood.

No real surprises otherwise...Bruins are just a whole lot better.  

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Boston was the best team last season. Boston is one of the best team of the last ten years. And we are a set of green youngsters. They are a very difficult opponent for the Devils. And after such a long break, everything is expected.
The Devils are definitely not ready for this. What a long way to go.

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