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GDT1: Bruins @ Devils 1/14/2021 7PM Season Opener!


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1 minute ago, MB3 said:

It was a horrible period by Palms, which is a direct continuation of a horrible season from Palms. 

You have a game worn jersey so you’re ready to buy him a milkshake. The reality is that he’s somewhere halfway between me wanting to push him into traffic and you wanting to give him a post game massage. 

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I’ve always been realistic about what he is.  Just because I like him as a player doesn’t mean I think he can do no wrong.  Just because you hate him doesn’t mean he’s awful (though that was a rotten period for him, no question).

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Well. Last season they had a really really good season opening first period, and that didn't go anywhere. Maybe an awful season opening first period this year means... eh probably not. 

Mack looks great as he tends to. Shar looked good so of course he will now be injured for a month. Nico's absence is noticeable 

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Just now, Devil Dan 56 said:

Mack looks great as he tends to. 

See this game is a great example of why we needed a freakin' 1B - can't have Blackwood getting shelled night after night like this and expect him to maintain his level of play.

He's going to face 40+ shots tonight, probably.

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I'll tell ya, being a mid-level 20-30 goal scorer in the NHL is such a sweet gig.

If you can somehow manage to consistently pot 20, you're gonna get a nice decent paycheck and not be expected to do... anything, except score goals.

I'm of course talking about Palms here.

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