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GDT2: Saturday Afternoon hockey Featuring Bruins@ Devils 1 PM


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1 minute ago, Devils Pride 26 said:

I know he was, but it’s getting harder and harder to envision Subban resembling a competent hockey player. Marchand damn near skated himself to the corner with the pressure from Palmieri and subban is in no mans land. Get real dude

Not that anyone want to get started on this. But he never was an amazing player.

Without playing with Markov and Price covering for his countless and insane amount of mistakes and then playing in Nashville on a stacked defensive team. He wouldnt have been anything.

He was a good offensive guy and that's it. 

Fans or the media loving subban were always either blinded habs fans or fans around the league only seeing him in highlight plays doing his flashy spinoramas and big slappers. Not realizing his positive barely compensated for his mistakes.

Just now, mfitz804 said:

How about McLeod clearing the zone without a stick. 

honestly ive been quite impressed by McLeod so far. Not that i'd want him on the first line but he's been solid in his role

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Just now, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

Is it me or do Zacha's hands look far more slick that they ever have. He seem to be stick handling and holding the puck under pressure exceptionally well at both ends of the ice. 

He was looking that way last season, his improvement appears to have continued. 

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