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GDT: Devils @ Rags 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

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Ahh, Glad All star break is over, did anyone even watch it?     LgD!

They haven't played a game in 2 weeks and just passed the rangers in the standings haha

I’m so happy that sh!stork is a thing, you have no idea. 

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24 minutes ago, DevilMinder said:

Same here, wtf. I have a FiOS one box.

Its not your box or any specific service, it's the MSG network. They just have trouble syncing up the on ice audio with the visuals and commentary. I complained to them again so hopefully they fix it soon, they had fixed it during the last game after I told them

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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:

Tennyson and Carrick together got scored on? Who would have guessed...

No kidding, I was just going to post almost the exact same thing.  I don't know which of those two I like less, but I dislike them both quite a bit.   Neither of them score much, and neither of them seem to be a stay at home shutdown d-man, so I just don't know what they bring to the table.  

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