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Downsizing - Some stuff for Sale, Some stuff for Free


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Hey guys. I've moved from a house into a condo and am having to purge some of my stuff. Roller blades are gone, punching bag (heavy bag) gone, bean bag chair gone. Saddest item I parted with was my 2003 full-size Stanley Cup that I built out of a trash can and a bunch of cake moulds that I crazy-glued together. :)

I will post items as I find them as I am still unpacking. The most meaningful items I will be keeping in my display case (pewter Stanley Cups, jersey signed by Larry Robinson, 1995 championship hat and shirt (never worn; tags still on)). 

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Updated Free Stuff.....  the zamboni, sticks and mini-cups are gone. But much more has been found. 

1) Two used water bottles (dishwasher cleaned since last use) 
2) Roll of Devils wallpaper (frayed on one end due to damage, but the length shown is all good) 
3) A puck in display case
4) Puck out of display case
5) Shot glass
6) Light-up horns
7) Brodeur mini-jersey 
8 ) Ancient mouse with serial port cable
9) 1995 championship license plate
10) Christmas tree ornament
11) Devils sports tape
12) Devils flag (I have taken it to games, so it has gotten a little stained; you can try washing it)
13) 5 pair of Devils socks (I don't think any have ever been worn; they look pristine) 
14) Mini pennant with old colours
15) Broken keychain (metal jersey with old colours) 
16) Mini-figurine 
17) I found one more mini Stanley Cup

Pick any 3 items, PM me your mailing address and I'll send them off to you. 


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The mini-pennant and the mini-hockey player have been claimed. 

I found some more stuff, but don't have time to take a picture right now:   
     - Devils bumper sticker
     - Postcard of Chico, autographed
     - Upper Deck Brodeur hologram card
     - Picture of the 1993 Devils with a team history on the back
     - Devils Yearbook (1989-90)
     - Scott Stevens sew-on patch (Joe Sakic patch as an example https://www.ebay.com/itm/1993-94-NHL-Seasons-Action-Player-Patches-17-Joe-Sakic-Quebec-Nordiques/254477729232?hash=item3b400dfdd0:g:YNQAAOSwSgFeGPIT)

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More free stuff. 
Signed Chico postcard, 89-90 yearbook, 1993 picture of the Devils with team history, super-mini pennant, fuzzy dice, bumper sticker, Scott Stevens sew-on patch, Brodeur hologram card from Upper Deck and the Colin White card. 

The Colin White card looks signed, but I'm not sure if that is part of the print or not. That was from the day he brought the Cup to my native Nova Scotia and my brother and I got to meet him. And we ask him to sign a few things. So it could be an authentic autograph. Perhaps not. 


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This is likely the end of the free stuff as I have finished unpacking and unlikely to find any more. 

This batch has a 2000 CD of "Songs, Sounds and Highlights", a keychain, a pin, a Devils puck, a 2000 Stanley Cup "official game puck", a plushie bear and a ceramic(I think) 2003 championship bear. 



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